Case Studies Overview

We have executed successful software projects for clients in a range of industries and using a variety of technologies. Please explore some of our case studies below to see what might interest you. You can leave the filters set to “All” to see all of the case studies, or you can focus on a certain industry and/or technology.
Case Study: Custom Testing Tools
Financial Services  Java
A very large bank has multiple websites on which promotional offers are exposed to consumers. Maintaining these sites and ensuring the consistency and accuracy of these offers is very important but has traditionally been manual and error prone. There have been examples where... Read more...
Case Study: CIO Portal
Public Sector  .NET
CIOs for the Departments of Education across 40 states were lacking a good mechanism for sharing information on technology procurement, software systems and vendor relationships. This has caused different states to implement siloed solutions to the same problems, limited... Read more...
Case Study: EASYPAY Laundromat Applications
Other Industries  Mobile
BCC Payments has a suite of applications (originally built by another vendor) that enable laundromat customers to select washer/dryer machines for use, pay electronically and monitor the status of in-progress laundry loads. After launching the applications and experiencing... Read more...
Case Study: Enterprise Reporting
Real Estate  Other Technologies
Allegiance Title is a small to mid-size title insurance company. They use a commercial software product for managing their business, but the standard reports available in the product were not sufficient for them and it does not provide native ability for creating customized... Read more...
Case Study: Legacy Application Overhaul
Real Estate  .NET
This client provides 10 year warranties for newly built properties. They had multiple custom built legacy applications that are used by their employees, and by residential builders, to secure warranty terms for properties. They needed to replace these with new versions built... Read more...
Case Study: Police Portal
Public Sector  .NET
This client wanted/needed an intranet application to use for various purposes including forum collaboration among police officers working on cases together, easy look up of historical crime data and statistics, and management of documents... Read more...
Case Study: School Rental Application
Public Sector  .NET
The Baltimore City Schools organization rents out school facilities during the summer and other times when they are not in use. They had a very simple web application for making reservations that had limited automation of back office functions. They needed to improve the... Read more...
Case Study: Unemployment Systems
Public Sector  .NET
The client is one of the US states' Department of Labor, who has an existing public web application used by its residents to file and manage claims related to periods of unemployment. They were seeking a new consulting partner to take ownership of ongoing enhancements... Read more...
Case Study: Cash Flow Management
Real Estate  .NET
Residential Construction Services (RCS) is a building contractor who was using a spreadsheet to track cash flow management for its projects. As the business scaled up, this approach became cumbersome and they decided to replace spreadsheets with a web application... Read more...
Case Study: Live Check 2 Check
Financial Services  .NET
BK Technologies (BKT) decided to offer a web-based SaaS product designed to help individuals manage their money each time they get paid, list bills due each time they get paid, remember when to pay bills and project future income and expenses. This product is aimed at... Read more...